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Mar 1, 2021

Social worker and body-liberation coach Kent Thomas joins us to discuss the harms of gay body ideals, how queer people can use their experience of living outside cultural norms to help in healing their relationships with their bodies, his experience with diet culture in the church, the dance of advocating for the Health At Every Size® paradigm without becoming dogmatic about it, and so much more.

Kent Thomas, MSW is a social worker who focuses on Body Liberation Coaching and is passionate about helping others find freedom and a greater sense of home in their bodies. Kent works with people of all genders and sexualities, and is passionate about working with men to unlearn body shame and toxic body norms. As a gay man, Kent is especially passionate about helping queer men heal and create a fat positive and inclusive gay community. In addition to Body Liberation Coaching, Kent is a community organizer who advocates for queer inclusion in religious spaces and helps individuals tell their stories and heal from religious trauma. All of Kent’s coaching services are on Zoom and are available regardless of the client’s location. Kent can be found on Instagram @KentThomasMSW and his website is

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