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Oct 26, 2020

Body-image researcher Nadia Craddock joins us to discuss body image beyond body size and weight, her experiences in inpatient eating-disorder treatment, colorism and its harmful effects on body image, how to push back against body ideals, and so much more. Plus, in Ask Food Psych, Christy answers a listener question about how to talk to a doctor who put you on an elimination diet that triggered an eating disorder. TW: This episode includes descriptions of Nadia’s traumatic experiences in long-term inpatient eating-disorder treatment, including mentions of self-harm. If this subject matter is likely to be troubling to you, please listen to the introduction for Christy's recommendation of sections to skip.

Nadia Craddock is a body-image researcher. She is Research Fellow at the Centre for Appearance Research, at the University of the West of England in Bristol and is a member of the Dove Self Esteem Project partnership team. Nadia is currently leading the development and evaluation of a school-based body image intervention in Indonesia in collaboration with UNICEF Indonesia, the Dove Self Esteem Project, researchers at the University of Indonesia and the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.

Nadia co-hosts the Centre for Appearance Research's podcast, 'Appearance Matters' with Jade Parnell and co-costs 'The Body Protest' podcast with Honey Ross. Find her online at

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