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May 21, 2018

Isabel Foxen Duke returns! We discuss the #1 reason why people engage in emotional eating and bingeing, why reclaiming your right to eat emotionally might be a key to healing your relationship with food, why recommendations for weight loss are scientifically unsound, how the effort to control our food can transfer to other areas of life after eating disorder recovery, why meditation and spiritual practice is lifelong work, and lots more! This episode originally aired October 17, 2016.

Isabel Foxen Duke helps women "stop feeling crazy around food." After struggling with binge eating for most of her life, and trying to overcome emotional eating and binge eating through various approaches to food—Isabel finally discovered that these attempts to control her food and her body were at the root of the problem itself. She now teaches women struggling with binge eating how to do the very thing they're most afraid of, and the very thing they need to do to recover: let go. Grab her free video training series, Stop Fighting Food, to learn more about her approach.

Listen to Isabel's previous episode of Food Psych (Episode #36: Food Sanity) to hear more about her story of recovery from eating disorders and drug addiction, and how she discovered body positivity, intuitive eating, and Health at Every Size. 

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