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Sep 8, 2015

Season 3 premiere! Christy talks with Linda Bacon, a leading researcher in the field of weight science and the author of the groundbreaking anti-diet book Health at Every Size. Linda shares her personal struggles with weight and dieting, how she overcame them and developed a healthy relationship with food and her body, and how you can get off the diet roller-coaster, too.

Linda Bacon, PhD, is a scientist whose three graduate degrees, research, and clinical expertise uniquely prepare her to understand and translate the physiological, psychological, and socio-cultural underpinnings of weight control. She is currently a Health Professor at City College of San Francisco and an Associate Nutritionist at the University of California, Davis. An internationally recognized authority on weight and health, Dr. Bacon has published her work in top scientific journals as well as the highly acclaimed bestseller, Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth about Your Weight. Her recently released book, Body Respect: What Conventional Health Books Get Wrong, Leave Out, or Just Fail to Understand about Weight, is a crash course in what you need to know about bodies and health. Find her online at

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