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Jul 27, 2020

SEASON 7 FINALE! Fat activist, author, speaker, and podcaster Victoria Welsby returns to the podcast to discuss the intersection of fatphobia and healthism, why all weight-loss advice is a form of weight stigma, the moralization of different health conditions, the role of thin allies in fat activism, and so much more. Plus, in our new “Ask Food Psych” segment, co-host Vincci Tsui answers a listener question on how the anti-diet and intuitive eating frameworks address health.

Victoria Welsby is a world-leading expert on body image and confidence, TEDx speaker and best-selling author. She went from being homeless, abused with self-esteem that was achingly low into the courageous fat activist and change maker she is today. Victoria helps people fall in love with themselves and is dedicated to shifting the way society views fat bodies. Find her online at

Vincci Tsui (she/her) is a former bariatric dietitian turned certified intuitive eating counselor and Health At Every Size® advocate. She is the author of The Mindful Eating Workbook: Simple Practices for Nurturing a Positive Relationship with Food, and is the Community and Content Associate for Food Psych Programs.

Vincci is passionate about helping people find freedom in their relationship with food and with their body, so that they can confidently step away from diet culture and live life on their own terms. She believes that health and happiness have little—if anything—to do with weight. Ultimately, Vincci is on a mission to make dignity, respect, happiness, and health accessible to all bodies. Find her online at

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