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Aug 23, 2021

Sociology professor, writer, and performer Kimberly Dark returns to the podcast to discuss her latest book, Fat, Pretty, and Soon to be Old; why appearance is a form of privilege; how ageism intersects with other oppressions; how diet culture has influenced our ideas about self-improvement; why women are often penalized for not wearing makeup; and so much more. Plus, Christy answers a listener question about how alcohol consumption fits into intuitive eating. (This episode originally aired on February 10, 2020.)

Kimberly Dark is a writer, professor and raconteur, working to reveal the hidden architecture of everyday life so that we can reclaim our power as social creators. She’s the author of Fat, Pretty, and Soon to be Old, The Daddies, and Love and Errors. Her essays, stories and poetry are widely published in academic and popular publications alike (Ms, Ravishly, Everyday Feminism). Since the 1990s, Kimberly has been facilitating discovery-based learning internationally -- in person, as well as in writing. She hosts retreats, and travels to teach workshops and offer keynote presentations. Her work uses storytelling in lectures and performances themed to help audiences discover the contours of privilege and oppression and use their own complex wisdom about the world. Kimberly teaches sociology at Cal State San Marcos and writing/arts courses at Cal State Summer Arts. Learn more at

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