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Sep 27, 2016

Psychotherapist and fellow podcaster Megan Bruneau shares her story of eating disorder recovery, learning to love her body, dealing with trauma, taking big risks in life, and lots more! PLUS, we're going weekly again--tune in next week for another new episode!!

Megan Bruneau is a mental health therapist, wellness coach, writer, and podcast host. She has a master’s in counseling psychology, a bachelor’s in psychology and family studies, and has worked in the fitness, yoga, and nutrition industries. After years of perfectionism-fueled depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, she discovered how to like herself, take risks, and find success without beating herself up to get there. She writes about how to develop a relationship with yourself where you motivate from love rather than fear, experience authentic happiness, and give yourself permission to follow your dreams and make it big! Find her on her blog, One Shrink's Perspective, and check out her writing and podcast for Forbes!

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