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Mar 8, 2021

Eating psychology coach and body image mentor Lu Uhrich joins us to discuss how a cancer scare and chronic illness in the family made her fall prey to the Wellness Diet, how to get your period back if you’ve lost it, why it’s so easy to tumble into disordered eating with just one diet or exercise program, the process of leaving a religion and reimagining your faith, and so much more.

Lu Uhrich is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Body Image Mentor. Using a Health at Every Size®, Anti-Diet approach, Lu supports clients in finding food freedom, befriending their bodies and moving on with their lives. Through self-awareness and compassion, she’ll guide you to deconstruct diet mentality and give you plenty of resources and insight to call bullshit on fatphobia and diet culture, too—all for the sake of redefining your relationship with food, body, and self.

Lu provides the tools, teaching, and support necessary to make a loving and lasting change—in your own time and on your own terms. She leads clients in practicing Intuitive Eating and Movement, Body Acceptance and Self-Compassion. She’s also adept at coaching around period recovery, self-care, ditching diets, and overcoming binge eating. Through her intimate 1:1 Mentorship and the MEND Sessions course, she's helped hundreds of women worldwide to recover from disordered eating. And she can help you, too.

When Lu's not working with clients, she enjoys life as [anything but] usual with her husband and three kids. She’s an infant foster parent who loves memoirs and YA fiction reading, American Sign Language studying, Netflix watching, true crime podcast listening, tattoo collecting, nature hiking, cookie baking, craft beer drinking, moon charting, hip hop dancing and fact googling. Learn more about Lu and her work at

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