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Feb 8, 2021

Health At Every Size® therapist Nancy Ellis-Ordway joins us to discuss weight stigma in education, healthcare, and beyond; why individual health behaviors are less important than they’re made out to be; the evolution of HAES® over time; the role of money and industry in perpetuating diet culture; and so much more. Plus, Christy shares some big news about her next project and the future of the podcast.

Nancy Ellis-Ordway, LCSW, PhD, is a psychotherapist with thirty years' experience, specializing in treating eating disorders, body image issues, stress, anxiety, depression and relationship issues. She offers individual, couple, and family therapy through her private practice in Jefferson City, MO. In addition to a Master of Social Work degree from Washington University, she has completed the Advanced Psychodynamic Psychotherapy training program at the St. Louis Psychoanalytic Institute. She has written chapters for four books, as well as numerous articles for professional and general publications. Her book, Thrive At Any Weight; Eating to Nourish Body, Soul and Self Esteem was published in 2019. She also teaches classes for professional continuing education. She has a Ph.D. in Health Education and Promotion from the University of Missouri. Find her online at

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